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Starlights, Inc. Launches New Divison and Product Line: DELux LED

April 21, 2015

“Your bulbs are only $1.00?” This is the question that everyone is asking DELux LED which is a newly launched company by Starlights, Inc. “This new division and LED product line is focused on bringing quality 110 volt LED products to both commercial and residential customers for a much lower cost than current retail LED bulbs” the President and CEO, Jason Weaver announced in a press release

In 2005, Mr. Weaver set out on a journey to make his mark on the world. He cofounded Starlights, Inc. and began developing new energy efficient technology, primarily centered on Light Emitting Diodes (LED). His goal was, and still is, to reduce the amount of natural resources we consume, and thus the amount of carbon pollution we produce on a daily basis. More than a dozen patents later (and a lot of hard knocks along the way) he is excited to share his vision. DELux LED has partnered with local utility companies to offer $1 LED bulbs. These bulbs are up to 90% more energy efficient than the bulbs they replace, are brighter, run cooler, and contain no mercury or other harmful chemicals that are found in fluorescent bulbs. With the help of these utility partners, the team at DELux LED’s goal is to replace as many light bulbs as possible with LEDs, thereby reducing consumption of our natural resources and reducing carbon pollution.

Though not all bulbs are eligible for $1 promotion, DELux LED has a solution for nearly every application. They also are continuing to add utility partners throughout the states, and welcome the opportunity to talk to your local utility company about bringing $1 LED bulbs to your community.

Though this business model has not been popular with some competitors, Mr. Weaver has never let money get in the way of doing the right thing. He explains, “While our profit margins aren’t breathtaking, we will all breathe easier if we can work together.” Together we can reduce pollution and eradicate energy waste, one kilowatt at a time- #kill-a-watt.

Visit their website at

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